Welcome To The WWE FagCard Mega Bullshit Page!Edit

WWE Fagcard is a card based mobile game about a mother and her son who love each other way too much in this hot new hentai game developed by 4K Splurts and Hot Daddy.

Eating Grandma's Ass!!!Edit

There are over 9000!! cards in the game, gaining them make you a weaboo.




Fine I'll Take It

Fine I'll Take It+

Fine I'll Take It++

Not So Epic

Not Very Legendary

Event Rank...

Event Rank...+

Event Rank...++

Doesn't Make Me Hard


Their Not The Ultimate

Event Rank...+ 33

Event Rank...++ 17

Lazy Rank

Lazy Rank+

Lazy Rank++

Event Rank...+ 34

Dwayne Johnson

Event Rank...++ 18


Kill Yourself...

2670850-wwe supercard