In a Road to Glory event, players begin at the Common rarity level and take on a series of increasingly difficult WWE Superstars.

Players use a bout to choose from a list of opponents with varying difficulties (+1, +3 or +5) OR (+2, +6 and or +10 is using a Title Match) whose decks have the rating of the Superstar at each rarity. Each Road to Glory game uses a deck consisting of 22 cards (16 Superstars, 4 Divas and 2 Support) for both the player and opponent. A round begins when four cards are dealt to both the player and opponent. Players select cards they would like to play, and the highest stat total wins and gains a point. The player with the most points after four rounds wins the game.

If a player wins a match they will be awarded points that goes towards defeating that current superstar as well as 6 board picks. If a player loses they will receive no points and 3 board picks. Each match costs 1 bout which refills after 15 minutes. You can have only 5 bouts at a time. Once a player has reached the specified number of points for that superstar they are awarded that card and move on to the next rarity level. Points required increase and reset after each rarity.

The First Road To Glory consisted of the following rewards:

Common (15pts) - The Miz

Uncommon (40pts) - Mark Henry

Rare (70pts) - Brock Lesnar

Super Rare (100pts) - Yokozuna

Ultra Rare (120pts) - John Cena

Epic (140pts) - Brie Bella

Legendary (155pts) - Erick Rowan

Survivor (170pts) - Sting

RTG Survivor (180pts) - Sting

RTG Survivor (190pts) - Sting